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  1. Backline Shuffle

    With Matty out why don't we put Ingliss into the centres, Merritt at fullback and Hunt on the wing. Let's not forget Greg plays for Australia in the centres.
  2. A Sorry Saga - Part III

    Quote Originally Posted by The Botak View Post
    While the forum on had a slow start a few events along the way forced it to the forefront of the club's attention.

    Initially it was the editorial stuff that emanated from the website which focussed clearly on management and executive officials at the club. The website and forum was instrumental in exposing of:
    • 'Plan B' to take Souths to Gosford;
    • the poisonous involvement of Alan Jones in board and executive decisions;
    • crony appointments of David Tapp
  3. A Sorry Saga - Part II

    Quote Originally Posted by The Botak View Post
    Before July 2002 'The Botak' was just a nickname I had acquired in certain circles dating back to 1996. Although I had used the alias in various email addresses, some of which were used to register on the Rabbitohs Yahoo Egroup (which was run by Wade).

    In July 2002 I joined the official Souths website forum at and began posting pretty soon afterwards, having had a bit of a study of the lay of the land. I was very concerned about the state of the Club and wanted to find
  4. A Sorry Saga - Part I

    Quote Originally Posted by The Botak View Post
    On 3 February 2006 Wade Singleton sent the web link for the beta version of to Peter Holmes a Court for appraisal. Wade had just built the information website as part of his contract with PHaC's company White Bull Investments. As Wade's partner I received the email as well. Later I would provide editorial input to the site when it went live to the public.

    PHaC responded by forwarding an email response to the beta version from Russell Crowe which read: